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The vision of the Town of Caswell Beach is one of a viable residential community having the foresight, resources and will to meet new challenges and opportunities in accomplishing its mission. The Town is proud of its unique residential character, its natural assets and quality of life, and these will continue to be of paramount importance…
  - Caswell Beach Strategic Plan "Vision"

 Summer is Turtle Time at Caswell Beach. From May to August female turtles come a shore at night to lay their eggs. Starting in late July from dusk until midnight the young turtles hatch and make their way to the ocean. 
Help us protect the turtles and the many families who walk the beach at night to catch crabs and watch the turtles hatch. Turtles can easily get trapped in holes that have been dug in the sand or get tangled up in the frames and ropes of canopies, tents and stacks of chairs left on the beach at night.

Enjoy the beach...but remember to fill in any holes dug in the sand before you leave the beach.  And take your  personal property in with you at night to protect both our turtles and our visitors.

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