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Commissioner George Kassler

My wife, Barbara, and I have been visiting Caswell Beach since 1974 when my parents retired here. Back then, Caswell Beach only had 33 permanent residents and fish and shells were plentiful. Our yearly visits during the spring, summer and Christmas made us fall in love with the area. In 1982 we became property owners and were finally able to build our retirement home in 2003.

My background is in law enforcement. I received a BS degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland and was employed by the Montgomery County Police Department in Maryland for 34 years. I worked my way through the ranks, retiring in 2003 as the Captain and Director of the Criminal Investigations Division.

Barbara and I have two children, Laura, age 24, and Julie, age 22, both of whom are first year teachers in the Winston-Salem area. They both put their feet into the sand at Caswell Beach at five months and still enjoy the natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere.

As commissioner, my goals are to strive towards the vision of the town. I have a genuine appreciation for this area and want to preserve our beach and maintain our family atmosphere. I want this town to be united, working for the betterment of all residents and property owners. I believe this can be accomplished through open communication and community involvement